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Pledge “ypsisolar”

"I will donate $50 to the YPSI People's Solar Initiative to install solar panels on City Hall but only if 200 other local people will do the same."

— Murph, Ypsilanti resident

Deadline to sign up by: 16th April 2008
83 people signed up, 117 more were needed

Country: United States
Place: Ypsilanti (view map)

More details
Ypsilanti resident Dave Strenski (responsible for the solar panels on the food co-op roof) has proposed putting solar panels on the south facade of City Hall. This installation would not only help to power City Hall, bringing down ongoing electricity costs, but would also serve a powerful public relations purpose - the panels would be visible to everyone entering downtown from I-94, and the City's website could display an energy meter, advertising Ypsi as a solar city.

City Councilman Brian Robb notes that the initial purchase cost of solar panels is quite high, and suggests the "YPSI People's Solar Initiative" ("YPSI", for short) to raise funds.

I will therefore pledge $50 towards the installation of solar panels on the south facade of City Hall, but only if 200 other people will. This would generate $10,000 towards the panels, which could be used for a small installation or matching funds for a grant.

Help make YPSI People's Solar Initiative a reality!

See Dave's short powerpoint at:

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  • Here's a much-updated proposal from Dave Strenski, the originator of this idea:

    This one is for a smaller array than the full-coat file listed, only $19,000 installed, including much more engineering/monetary detail than the one in the initial pledge text.

    (I'm not able to modify the original text - pledgebank (reasonably) considers it unethical to modify a pledge which people have already committed to, but I think this updated proposal is an implementable, specific version of the more abstract initial idea.)
    Murph, 14 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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    Good luck!
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  • I continue to work on the design and have an updated version with more detail in it. You can find it at:

    The current estimate for the project is $19,000, so we'll need 380 pledgers. Pledge early and pledge often.

    The current status of the project is that we are still waiting for the Ypsilanti Historic District Commission (HDC) to approve the project. If they deny putting the solar panels on the back of City Hall, the fall back plan is to put them on the roof or pick another City building outside the Historic District.

    Any group wanting to learn more about solar power can get a free presentation. More information at and clicking on <Ypsi Solar News>.

  • Dear Ypsilanti Solar project supporter,

    I write to you today because you have pledged support for the Ypsilanti Solar Project to install 12 solar panels on the back of the City Hall at The project needs $3800 to move forward. The next step is getting the design finalized by a licensed structure engineer. I have recieved a not-to-exceed quote from Fitzpatrick Structural Engineering of $3800.

    If you can donate any amount to cover this expense, please write a check to the "City of Ypsilanti" and put in the memo "Ypsilanti Solar Project". The City Manager has now established a separate Solar Project fund; your contribution will be used only for this project. With a final design, we will be able to get HDC's final approval, and continue fundraising to purchase materals.

    Below you can read a brief history of the Ypsilanti Solar Project.

    I would also like to remind everyone that I am available to give free presentations on solar power to any interested organization or group. To schedule a presentation send me an email at

    Send check to:

    City of Ypsilanti
    One South Huron Street
    Ypsilanti 48197

    Remember to write "Ypsilanti Solar Project" in the memo.

    Thank you very much for your continued support,
    Dave Strenski
  • - - - - Project history - - - -

    The current design for the back of City Hall can be found here:

    In the spring of 2007 I met with the Mayor and proposed putting solar panels on the back of City Hall. The Mayor gave his support and I then went before the Ypsilanti Historic Commision (HDC) for approval. Over the summer the HDC created an Alterative Energy Fact Sheet for the City's historic districts. See:

    While our project seems to meet the guidelines, the HDC will not approve the project without a building permit application on file.

    In August I asked City Council for a resolution of support for the project, and received unanmious approval. See Resolution No. 2007-175 at:

    With the building permit filed, Bill Bohlen, Department of Public Works Director, and I went before the HDC again for project approval. The HDC continues to support the project in concept, but remain concerned about damage to the brick wall. Though the current design states that brick anchors will be placed in the mortor joints, HDC wants to see the final, licensed structural engineer's design before granting approval.

    Bill Bohlen introduced me to Tom Fitzpatrick, P.E. of Fitzpatrick Structural Engineering which is the firm that the City typically uses. The HDC also recognizes Fitzpatrick as very qualified, and respects their opinions. I met with Tom Fitzpatrick, and gave him all the design information I had compiled for the project, and asked for an estimate for creating a final design. In December of 2007 Fittspatrick Structural Engineering submitted a not-to-exceed bid of $3,800 for this work.

    To finance this engineering work the Mayor and City Manager have set up a Solar Project Fund.
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