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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “unsubscribe-me”

"I will ask 50 people to 'un-subscribe' to renditions and other human rights abuses in the 'war on terror' but only if 100 other people will unsubscribe themselves and ask at least one person to do so."

— Lelia Stephens, (concerned 14 year old)

Deadline to sign up by: 28th November 2009
116 people signed up (16 over target)

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I am horrified by the complicity, or active involvement, of the UK government in torture, invasion of Middle Eastern countries, renditions, detention without trial, Guantanamo Bay and the erosion of human rights in the name of the 'war on terror'. The government assumes we support such actions. It is important to let them know how many of us don't, so add your name to the growing list on - and ask someone else to do so.

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  • As a Scot, I am appalled and disgusted that Glasgow and Prestwick
    airports are being used to refuel CIA planes, which
    are transporting human cargo to countries where
    torture is systematically practised. The Brown and
    Bush governments use the evidence extracted under
    torture to detain without trial.

    I am equally appalled and disgusted that the Vucaj
    family were abducted in the middle of the night from
    their home in Drumchapel, Glasgow to Albania where their lives
    are in danger and their daughter is at risk because of
    the sex trade.

    Nuclear power is back on the agenda, and householders
    living around Hunterston nuclear power station in Ayrshire are given potassium iodate
    pills in the event of radioactive leakages.

    I watched in disbelief as an 82-year-old man was
    physically removed from the Labour party conference
    and later refused re-entry under the Prevention of
    Terrorism Act. He only said "nonsense", and this more recently a Dundee woman was detained under the same act for
    walking on a cycle track.

    Foreign policy, defence and security, immigration and
    energy decisions are made in Westminster and Washington.

    As a Scot - UNSUBSCRIBE ME.
  • While I am angered and disappointed (although not at all surprised) that the United States of America and other countries around the world persist in committing these crimes against humanity, I am glad that at least one other person under the age of fifteen is taking notice and trying to change the situation.

    Another concerned 14-year-old.
    Adrian Tasistro-Hart, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I'm appalled by what the Americans are doing it's more akin to Berlin in the 1930s than 21st century America - the land of...
  • Leila, thank you.
    Kumaran SELVARAJALU, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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Lelia Stephens, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Rachel Bridgeland
  • Peter Venner
  • Bethan John
  • Magdalena Healey
  • Pauline Cassim
  • Ben Parish
  • elizabeth Tanner
  • edward Tanner
  • Sue Flewitt
  • Alastair Binnie
  • Damian Rafferty
  • Marion O'Dwyer
  • josh
  • Anji Capes
  • Amanda S
  • Disa
  • Halley Di Benedetto
  • Tracy Jehle
  • Shayne Wilson
  • Daniel Mota Leite
  • Lyndsay
  • Georgette Wright
  • damian rafferty
  • Bethany Mackenzie
  • Sara Hall
  • Laura
  • Tim Yarham
  • Mark Cooper
  • Max Hogg
  • Kelly Power
  • c. boylan
  • ruth larbey
  • Guy Rintoul
  • Nilta
  • Elia G.
  • Carmen Semaski
  • Emily Clarke
  • Peter Bagnall
  • Gautam R. Joshi
  • Neil Scott
  • Marianne Cunningham
  • Dana
  • james wishart
  • Mickei Archie
  • nasser zeb
  • angela<Enter your name>
  • Chris McCabe
  • Heidi Davies
  • Gesine Mahoney
  • Adrian Tasistro-Hart
  • Jack Westmore
  • Sheff Dizzle
  • Karen Stow
  • Julie Dawson
  • Mohamed Saif
  • C
  • Ingrid Magnusson
  • Missy G
  • Tom Nugent
  • Grant
  • James Lowey
  • Amitabho
  • Claudia Buscemi
  • Autolykos
  • Sean
  • Helen
  • louise edge
  • Vanessa Vallejo
  • Jake Maverick
  • Clare White
  • Laurence T
  • Albert "Max" Abramson
  • Linda Drew
  • Ayesha Garrett
  • Kenny McLeod
  • Michael Finlan
  • Brani
  • Chick Mc Kain
  • Debbie Kean
  • Amnesty International
  • Steven McCaw
  • James Fehon
  • Kate Watson
  • Lisa Incledon
  • michael angel
  • Jen Angel
  • chantal Cantle
  • Zoe Nolan
  • Daisy Clark
  • Laura
  • 25 people who did not want to give their names, 8 of whom have done the pledge

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