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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “thebigknit07”

"I will knit at least 5 hats for Innocent Smoothies' The Big Knit but only if 35 other people will knit at least 1 hat too."

— TheKnittingBee

Deadline to sign up by: 15th October 2007
39 people signed up (4 over target)

More details
Since 2003, Innocent Smoothies have been selling drinks wearing knitted hats during November, in order to raise money for Age Concern (50p from every hat-wearing bottle sold goes to Age Concern).

You can read more information here:

All hats are donated by members of the public, and this year Innocent want to raise £200,000 for Age Concern - that means they'll need 400,000 hats!

And they want them by 22nd October 2007!

We'd better get knitting!

I think this is a great cause, and a great way to get involved (and a great way to stash-bust those odds-and-ends ;) )

So I'd like knitters - and other interested parties - to join me in knitting some hats :) I've asked for at least 35 people to help me, because that means we'll be sending Innocent a minimum of 40 hats towards their goal of 400,000.

I know the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that it's very easy to develop start-itis with knitting projects when you have a deadline, so that's why I've started this pledge. It will help to keep me on track, and will hopefully encourage others to get knitting too.

Please check out the link above - it gives full details on where to send the hats, how to make one, as well as galleries of previously made hats for inspiration.

If you're a knit blogger, then you can get a sign-up box for this pledge to go in your blog sidebar to spread the word to other knitters (see the yellow box on the right) - and you can also get a 'hatometer' from the Innocent site!

Please leave a comment with details about the hats you knit - it will be great to see other people's creations!

This pledge has now closed; it was successful!

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  • Thanks to those who have joined up! Anyone who'd like to take part but doesn't know how to knit, there are heaps of good websites with the knitting basics on them. This one has videos on:

    And there are patterns for the hats on the Innocent website.
  • Wow! We're nearly at our 'pledge-succeeding' limit! Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far, and especially those who have already made their hats :)

    To those wondering, remember that you don't have to use Rowan yarn, that's just a suggestion. You can use any yarn you have (any fibre too) - it's great for stashbusting oddments!
  • Yay! We're over target! Thanks to everyone who has signed up :) The pledge is open until the middle of October, so there's still time to keep signing :)

    Thanks especially to those who have already marked themselves as finished :)
  • made 6 so far. More to come and I haven't even used all my Rowan Kit yet.
    Bod, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Hello knitters! Our pledge has succeeded!

    'I, TheKnittingBee, will knit at least 5 hats for Innocent Smoothies' The Big Knit but only if 35 other people will knit at least 1 hat too.'

    If you haven't done so already, you need to get knitting in order to make your hat and get it to Innocent by October 22nd.

    I have already made my 5 hats, and want to thank you all for helping me stick to my goal :)

    When you’ve made your hat (or hats), please pop them in an envelope, write the number of hats on the outside of the envelope and send your hats to:

    The Big Knit
    3 The Goldhawk Estate
    Brackenbury Road
    W6 0BA

    Innocent's deadline is October 22nd, so there's just enough time to get them in. And then all we need to do is wait for the little hats to appear on bottles in the shops!
  • I did it! Five hats, mailed Monday, I hope they arrive in time!
    alala, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Our knitting group made 63, which I sent off last week!

    Pictures on my blog -

    miss shine, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I did it. I managed 22 hats in total. Nothing too fancy but hats all the same.
  • I managed 3 hats and will try to pop some photos up soon. Will put in post tonight - oops almost forgot that part of it! Has been fun.
    Juliette, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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