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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “sl-vlc-not-qt”

"I will donate $10 for VLC to be integrated into the Second Life client but only if 50 other Second Life Residents will do the same."

— SignpostMarv Martin, Demonically Possessed Albino

Deadline to sign up by: 31st August 2007
10 people signed up, 40 more were needed

More details
Pretty basic requirements of this compared to the Pixel Shader pledge

* Complete replacement of Quick Time in favour of Video Lan Client for streaming video playback (thus enabling all of VLC's support for video playback, including post-processing and de-interlacing options)
* Complete replacement of existing streaming audio playback code in favour of Video Lan Client (thus enabling a lot more streaming audio formats to be used)
* Additional binaries & source available that includes both the VLC and QT code (since there are some things that QT would do like SMIL that VLC couldn't)
* Support for external images, including MNG and GIF
* Integration of the VLC preferences dialogs into the SL client
* No comparable degradation in performance compared to using the Linden Lab QT-enabled client.
* Stable performance on Windows, Mac (PPC and Intenl), Linux

Additional, non-essential niceties:
* Using VLC's encoding features to replace the start/stop movie to disk code
** Using VLC's encoding features to stream video directly from the viewer (and thus back in-world hint hint)

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SignpostMarv Martin, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Kamilion Schnook
  • Geordie Bilkey
  • Zetaphor Tengu
  • MikVik Mathilde
  • David Cowell
  • TheDivineGoat
  • Jason Hashimoto
  • Epile
  • Jon Cummings
  • Dr Sami Chidiac

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