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Pledge “sethgodin”

"I will pay $50 to hear Seth Godin speak in Phoenix and receive 5 copies of his new book, The Dip but only if 499 other people in the Phoenix area will do the same."

— Matt LaPrairie, Phoenix resident

Deadline to sign up by: 30th April 2007
86 people signed up, 413 more were needed

Country: United States
Place: Phoenix (view map)

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From Seth Godin's Blog:
The Dip Tour

I'm trying something new this May.

Usually, when authors tour, they trudge from bookstore to bookstore. It's grinding and a little demeaning (here's a tip: if you see an author in a bookstore, don't go near him unless you're prepared to buy the book (or at least hide it somewhere in the store.)) The whole interaction isn't very pleasant for the reader either.

Well, I love to do speaking gigs, but rarely get the chance to do events that are open to the public and relatively inexpensive. So I figured I'd combine both.

Here's the deal. In each city I'm able to get to, if you buy 5 books (in advance), you get to come hear me give a speech for free. OR, if you prefer to think of it differently, if you pay $50 to hear me speak, you get five books for free.

Why five books? So you'll give four away. That's why I wrote the book. So you would buy copies and give them away. You register online, you pay in advance, you're guaranteed a seat and you're guaranteed your copies, available when you show up. We can't do refunds, because the books are a pain to move around, so please be sure you can come when you sign up.

Let's get Seth to come to Phoenix in May.

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