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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

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Pledge “proposals”

"I will meet up in a pub or cafe in my town to discuss mySociety's call for proposals shortlist but only if 2 other locals will come along too."

Deadline to sign up by: 1st September 2006
19 people signed up, successful in 3 places

More details
mySociety recently asked for ideas for a new civic hacking / democracy website. They're going to build the winning proposal. For more information, and to see the submitted ideas, go to:

Soon mySociety will have whittled the 80 odd proposals down to a shortlist, by eliminating ones that don't meet the basic criteria. Then they would like people to meet up with others in towns across the country to talk about the shortlist. We'll all decide which idea is the best, or work out how one can be adapted to be the best.

Sign up, meet some other people interested in what mySociety does, and more importantly have some beer. Or coffee. Or orange juice if you're Matthew.

The exact location and date, some time early in September, will be agreed amongst people in each successful town.

Pledge originally made by Francis Irving, mySociety developer

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  • My real comments I have sent to a my society developer. I am really frustrated. Instead of spending money on new projects, why not make this one "work".

    Anyway, you know my views. This pledge needs a date or it is worth absolutely zero. I can't pledge to do something on %unspecified_date, how do I know the other 2 people can meet then?

    I have tried. I was forced to put "Highbury". I was given no choice, nor any useful options. Sigh. It really discourages me from using or recommending it.
    Francis Davey, 15 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • As it says in the pledge details, "The exact location and date, some time early in September, will be agreed amongst people in each successful town." - so you get to try and work out a date that's suitable for you and the other people in your area (if the pledge is successful there).

    This type of pledge has only just been created, and this is the first test of it - Francis Irving writes a bit more here: What "useful options" were you expecting, or would you want? What "forced" you to put Highbury? If you've said all this in your email to a mySociety developer, sorry; that developer wasn't me. :)
  • Hi Matthew - Francis explained to me what happened. He entered Finsbury Park, which the gazeteer doesn't know about. Then it was very unhelpful, as he had to start guessing places which it might know about nearby, without any clues. And it didn't show other nearby places in London with signers early enough.

    I need to have a think about how to improve the interface.
  • can you put a quick-link back to the pledge you've just signed up to at the "end"? I quite often sign-up then come back to add a comment/bookmark the page/etc.
    gavin, 15 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • There should be a permanent "This pledge's permanent location:" in the top left of every page to do with this pledge. Perhaps this should be more prominent on a successful sign. :)
  • It could be useful to sign up in two areas at once - I don't remember this being an option when I signed this pledge.
    James Aylett, 14 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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Washington, District of Columbia County, United States

  • Tom Steinberg

Cheltenham, United Kingdom

  • Matthew Somerville

Succeeded on 11th July 2006

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

  • Chris Lightfoot
  • Phil Rodgers
  • James Aylett
  • 1 person who did not want to give their name

Bolton, Bolton (proksime al Bromley Cross, Bradshaw, Darcy Lever), United Kingdom

  • Tim Morley

Manchester, United Kingdom

  • Sam Smith

Leicester, United Kingdom

  • Tim Davies

Liverpool, United Kingdom

  • Allan Lewis

Succeeded on 14th July 2006

London, United Kingdom

  • Chris Sharpe
  • gavin
  • Etienne Pollard
  • Dan Littler

Highbury, United Kingdom

  • Francis Davey

Moseley, United Kingdom

  • David

Dundee, United Kingdom

  • Robert Shand

Succeeded on 19th August 2006

Brixton (near Charing Cross, East Dulwich, Dulwich), United Kingdom

  • Richard
  • Nicola

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