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Pledge “pretentiousness”

"I will expose pretentious bullshit in the communication sent both by the media, public and commercial bodies but only if 10 other people at the end of their tether will do the same and promise to let the pretentious fools know they have been exposed."

— ches whistler, I'm sick and tired of bullshit

Deadline to sign up by: 1st August 2005
1 person signed up, 9 more were needed

Country: United Kingdom

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Every day - I read in the papers plain old bullshit expouted by Public bodies and commercial companies pouting unreal 'deals', usually impossible for the average employed person to achieve. This verbal faeces needs to be challenged and exposed for what it is - the mindless rantings of a bunch of overpaid jerks.

Even on the internet - I find serious sites - such as this -that are plagued by idiots complaining about grammatical correctness rather than the concern of the indvidual themselves. Expose them before they get employed and write for the national bodies or comercial giants. (Maybe there is a link here!)

Smugness must not be tolerated!

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