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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “pgRoutingWindows”

"I will build a pgRouting package for windows 32-bit and 64-bit PostgreSQL 9.2+ but only if 20 other people will put in $100 USD for the effort."

— Regina Obe and Leo Hsu, PostGIS windows package maintainers

Deadline to sign up by: 1st March 2013
21 people signed up (1 over target)

More details
The plan is to build pgRouting windows binary package starting with PostGIS 2.1 and PostgreSQL 9.2 32/64-bit.

These we will include on Application Stackbuilder as part of the PostGIS windows package we distribute. pgRouting will be installable as an extension:


Similar to how you install postgis and postgis_topology already.

We also plan to distribute these as part of the windows experimental builds we currently build.

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  • This is just a reminder to those who have not sent payment or arranged for payment. Please do so as soon as you can. We'll be working out the final kinks of this at this coming week's Boston OSGeo Code Sprint with a pgRouting developer. Much of this money is going to fund work going on in pgRouting 2.0 by another developer to ensure that upcoming pgRouting works under windows.

    Also if you've already paid, please go ahead and mark yourself off on the Current Signatories.

    For payment we accept PayPal, Mastercard, Visa or (if in US
    also Personal Check)
    Our contact email is:

    Please write us with how you'd like to pay and also if you need
    a receipt.
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Current signatories (Green text = they've done it)

Regina Obe and Leo Hsu, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • nandan
  • Geoff Osborn
  • Rene Neidt (IDU mbH,
  • Michael Wagner
  • Cameron Munro
  • James Santos
  • Bruce Rindahl
  • Enrico Rampazzo
  • Battogtokh Demchig
  • Jochen Albrecht
  • Uazu Uazukuani
  • Karsten Vennemann
  • Astun Technology
  • Lisho Mundia
  • Jags Bajeena
  • Wouter Bogaert
  • Robert L Clay
  • 3 people who did not want to give their names, 1 of whom has done the pledge

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