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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “orgsouthwest”

"I will organise a meetup for people to hear about the Open Rights Group in Bristol but only if 15 other local people will come."

— Alaric Snell-Pym

Deadline to sign up by: 8th September 2008
20 people signed up (5 over target)

Country: United Kingdom
Place: Bristol (view map)

More details
The Open Rights Group - - has a disproportionately London-based membership, mainly due to having grown though word of mouth in the London community. This must change if it's to really represent digital rights in the *UK*! So if I can find enough people who want to attend, I'll invite an ORG speaker to talk to us in an informal setting somewhere in Bristol (hopefully with beer).

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  • Four people say they've done this pledge. Does that mean the meetup has happened?
    Mark Beveridge, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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Alaric Snell-Pym, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Zoe Nolan
  • Mark Beveridge
  • mac jordan
  • Peter Gradwell
  • William Booth
  • lemon
  • Richard King
  • Anthony George
  • Mike Dunn
  • Jaya Chakrabarti
  • Steve Hallam
  • Pete Jordan
  • Phil Wilson
  • Peter Ferne
  • Daniel Kirby
  • Matt Jukes
  • Edward Saxton
  • Sam Pearson
  • Suzi Wells
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