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Pledge “nopolicestate”

"I will write to my MP to oppose the creation of a police state in Britain, and to demand the reinstatement of the civil liberties that Britain pioneered but only if 100 other people living in Britain will do the same."

— Frank O'Dwyer

Deadline to sign up by: 27th September 2005
48 people signed up, 52 more were needed

Country: United Kingdom

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In recent years we've seen many civil liberties that were previously regarded as sacred steadily eroded, in the name of dealing with various nebulous threats such as terrorism and child pornography. The right to silence, presumption of innocence, no imprisonment without due process, and rights to privacy have all been seriously diminished already and continue to be threatened. But we are no safer. We have even recently seen a young man gunned down by the police on evidence that would be barely sufficient to arrest him, never mind kill him. Every time a bomb explodes, which is rarely, we are told that it will be alright next time if only we will give somebody other than ourselves even more power and even less accountability - usually the police or government. It is time to say "enough" to these control freaks, and for Britain to return to its traditions of pioneering civil liberties, instead of taking freedoms that took centuries to accumulate and throwing them away overnight any time we feel vaguely threatened. It's time to remind the government and police who their employers are.

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  • Great idea, and I have pledged, but I feel that more than this is required, thus

    Take a look. Talk is easy, action matters.
  • I found out this week that if you are arrested for any reason your DNA is taken for the national DNA database. Your DNA is then kept on the database regardless of whether your are convicted, aquitted or even charged.

    I am so appalled by this, I will be supporting your pledge.
    Christian Mayne, 16 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Though I'm currently working abroad, I've signed anyway 'cause privacy & civil liberties are important anywhere. If the pledge suceeds, I'll pick the MP of my old London constituency.
    Feel free to check out, which I think goes quite nicely with this pledge. You may even decide to write to your MP securely... :-)
  • I live in Brighton and I'm about to have my life totally disrupted by the Labour Party Conference. Their creation of an 'island site' where you can be stopped, searched and harrassed without any reasonable suspicion is disgusting.

    All of this reduction in our civil liberties in the name of so called terrorism - something this country has been living with for decades... Only now the difference is that the people have more access to information and are questioning things - the government's answer is authoritarian and severely wrong imo...
  • As a History (and English) student I can see exactly where you are coming from and where this police state is leading.

    Ive been aware of this slow erosion of civil liberties for a while now and I am pleased that more and more people are becoming aware.
    marie, 16 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I have read the comments of Christian
    Maine posted 25/8, to add further to his point I believe it is also the case if you agree to give a D.N.A sample to eliminate yourself form a police enquiry as I did some years ago.
    These samples are now kept & not destroyed as they were in my case, & also in the case of my 15 year old step daughter, arrested while out with her friends taken to a police station, held for 17 hours D.N.A & fingerprints
    taken & she was neither charged or cautioned for any offence ! This in my view has to be wrong & is now happening on a day to day basis.
    I will happily support your pledge & anyone how will put the power back were it belongs, in the hands of the people !
    Martyn, 15 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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  • Pete Donnell
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  • Nicholas Hill
  • Michael Benis
  • David Harris
  • Michael Hollis
  • Francis Baillie
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  • Paul Harrison
  • Tracy Hunter
  • Tom Morris
  • Julia Amsbury
  • Alison Chakir
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