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Pledge “littlebrowngirls”

"I will provide 50 young girls with a natural hair service a value of $65 but only if 10 other local people will do the same."

— RaShaun D. Ellison, Owner of The CHOP Shop

Deadline to sign up by: 23rd December 2011
4 people signed up, 6 more were needed

Country: United States
Place: 30092 (view map)

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This campaign/pledge is to help little brown girls ages 5-15 years of age afford the ability to visit my natural hair salon which promotes having natural hair as being the norm. My mission is to educate parents on the importance of confidence building and pride in our heritage. This campaign is also in conjunction to helping fight against the bullying of young girls with natural hair. Because here at The CHOP Shop our concepts are Hot, Urban, Bold, & we must set the we developed the we must heed the call...with this campaign.


R. D. Ellison


Ambiance @ The HUBB

The CHOP Shop - Natural Hair Studio & Cosmetique

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  • I greet you in the spirit of peace and the roots of evolution. The mission behind this campaign is more than a notion. It is a well know, growing concern in our community. "Save The Curls for Little Brown Girls" is a movement. This movement relates to how we cultivate cultural pride, and the ethnic heritage of our young girls, as it relates to what real beauty represents. So I say, we must remember our roots, and recognize our strength in numbers. I want you as the signatories, to rally with me, as I press to educate and educe these pledges as a confidence building tool to bring awareness to our communities and abroad about the unspoken dangers of sodium hydroxide relaxers. Help me by making your pledge to enlighten the mind of some young girl about her "NATURAL" beauty TODAY!
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