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Pledge “jainfriends”

"I will contribute $500 annually to the JCNC All Purpose (सर्व-साधारण) General Fund for 5 years but only if 99 other friends of JCNC will do the same."

— Nikunj Mehta, Conscientious South Bay Jain

Deadline to sign up by: 16th September 2012
5 people signed up, 94 more were needed

Country: United States
Place: San Francisco (view map)

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We all love JCNC - it has brought together Jains from all walks of life in the Bay Area and across North America. Our children have benefited from the spiritual and cultural educational opportunities at JCNC. Our parents have benefited from the company of similarly interested individuals. We have benefited from knowing other families and developing long term friendships.

It is our responsibility as conscientious Jains to fund the All-Purpose General (सर्व-साधारण) expenses of JCNC. Expenses to the tune of $250,000 annually are incurred including paying for the travel and expenses of vidhikars and scholars, salaries of employees, ordinary upkeep of the general area outside the jinalaya (where shoes are allowed), purchasing of supplies that are used outside the jinalaya, and so on.

As intelligent beings and as educated professionals, we understand that the longevity of our beloved institution depends on right processes and sound principles. Money donated to JCNC during ghee bolis and poojans is Dev Dravya and MUST NOT be used for the purposes described above. Dev Dravya is only used for purchasing and maintenance of articles in the jinalaya (JCNC's own or other facilities).

You have done the right thing by becoming a member of JCNC. Now it is time to do the next right thing - pledge to the general fund and clear your conscience.

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Nikunj Mehta, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Deven Shah
  • Dilip Bhandari
  • Apurva Shah
  • Taresh & Kavita Parekh
  • Suhas Mehta

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