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Pledge “giantimpeach”

"I will protest for the impeachment of Tony Blair in the SOCPA exclusion zone around Parliament on Saturday 18th March 2006, the 3rd anniversary of the war on Iraq, but only if 200 others will do the same OR organise their own protest in their own style in their own area."

— James BWIP

Deadline to sign up by: 17th March 2006
25 people signed up, 175 more were needed

Country: United Kingdom

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If you can join us in the exclusion zone, we will be delighted to protest alongside you. If not, organise your own protest where you live. If you want to contact us for impeachment activist information, do so. If you don't want to contact us, don't. But above all have faith. Impeachment is a last resort. It is time to use it. President Blair has overstepped all the boundaries of our system and it is time for him to leave office. The eviction date has been set, and you are the bailiff!

Read "A Case to Answer" at

Good luck!

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  • will someone please to tell me why you in England no like Tony blair.this man is family man making lots of money and has won many elections in this prosperos land.he stand up for people in a far of land and worry about people taken into the night and torture and killed.this happen many time for many years does someone think he did not use chemical weapon on the iranians.did he not use chemical weapons of mass destructions on the kurds just because no chemicals found does not mean he not have them .please dont use iraq for your own hate of this man .hate the terrorists killing our people now.thankyou for use of your email. kamil
    EDMUND, 14 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Kamil, thank you for your post.

    There are thousands of reasons why we, and millions of us in the UK, are against Mr.Blair.

    Read online at

    The most important, however, is that he lied to the people of Britain and involved us in an illegal and immoral war.

    Peace, love, light,

    James BWIP
  • Read all about it - download "A Case To Answer" at

    When you've read it, feel free to sign their online petition
  • 1 MILLION IRAQIS WILL sign your petition if we know you could have..1 stopped the genoside any other way
    2.prove tony blair made finansial gains from our sufferings.
    3.prove that you are not using iraq as your stick to beet your very sucessful
    prime minister.
    4.genuenly love and care about the iraqi peopel and our future.
    5.garranteed our democraty within 3 years from the start of the war of liberation
    6.enjoy our freedom to walk our land
    free peopel without torture or death around each corner.
    JAMES you are a man of rich caracter.
    The world has very few strong minded peopel who can make a change for the benefit of there fellow man.many peopel are waiting for leaders who they can trust.please chanel your leadership to help peopel in the right cause . IRAQS PROBLEMS ARE NERELY OVER...KAMIL...
    EDMUND, 14 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Kamil, once again thank you for your comments.

    We did not bomb your country for your freedom or because we cared about your genocide. We did, after all, back Saddam Hussein for decades - and in particular our country was right behind him in the conflict with Iran.

    We bombed your country primarily for your oil, for control of your resources, and because it makes certain men feel like they are Great Statesmen.

    The best thing a British Prime Minister could do for the people of Iraq right now is concentrate on the UK. There is plenty for our politicians to do here without solving every problem for the rest of the world. We have a massive democratic deficit here. There are millions of people whose needs, hopes and dreams are not represented in our system.

    Massive reform is required if we are to be a genuine democracy. Without it, how can we possibly tell anyone else in the world how to conduct their affairs?
  • People will be interested in this posted on the BBC news site:

    Prime Minister Tony Blair should be "impeached" over the war in Iraq, a former top British soldier has said.

    The ex-UN commander in Bosnia General Sir Michael Rose said Mr Blair had to take responsibility for his actions.
    sean scullion, 14 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I notice that Edmund (Kamil) is very active here at Pledgebank and very much in favour of continuing atrocities against Iraq in the belief that we will solve their problems and bring democracy. I can only assume that with the amount of access to computers he has, that he is not a 'typical' Iraqi living in a war zone with little electricity? Personally, I am of the opinion that as there are no WMD's in Iraq (our reason for being there) then we should leave now and save lives. Iraq's people will find there own form of government (as is their right) without us there enforcing our form of government on them. Life under Saddam was hell, life under US/UK occupation is hell - surely there is only one way to solve this and that is to stop invading and trashing the place and let the Iraqi's have their freedom of choice back.

    I will be protesting first at the Women For Peace gathering in London on March 8th and then again on March 18th (but not sure where - can't really nip to London again). I wish you every success with this petition, protest and act. Namaste Tina Louise (
  • Thanks for the link Sean.

    The case to be answered is there. It is coherent and strong. Read it, and before weeping spread it across your networks like the beacons spread across the south coast of England as the Armada approached. This is a crisis. A war with Iran would finish us.

    President Blair agreed to a war with President Bush BEFORE consulting the UK Parliament. That is not how a democracy functions.

    General Sir Michael Rose is right.

    It's High Court time, folks.

    You can download it from:
  • I have only just come accross this site, and strangely enough my first plege was going to be exactly this. It is so important that we get a crowd down their.

    See you there,

    Freddie Peel, 14 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Just thought I'd see if anyone on this pledge would be interested in helping out with my pledge.

    you can get to it but typing


    into the search at the top.
    Freddie Peel, 14 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I'm interested in signing this pledge, but before I do, may I ask what are the likely consequences of protesting in the exclusion zone?

    Are we likely to be arrested, bundled off to the police station, fingerprinted, DNA tested, and end up forever on the police database? The one that will be expanded, if Blair gets his evil way, to the ID card database?

    If so, should I make sure my return train ticket is also valid for Sunday?
    A. J. Moss, 14 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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