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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “geekmanifulster”

"I will put a copy of "The Geek Manifesto" on the desk of each MLA in Stormont but only if 50 other people will also pledge at least one copy."

— Shane McKee, Doctor, Scientist, Citizen, Voter

Deadline to sign up by: 1st November 2012
56 people signed up (6 over target)

Country: United Kingdom
Place: Belfast (view map)

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Northern Ireland needs science to be at the forefront of its politics. Too long swept to the background (it's a long story), it is now time for the birthplace of some of world's greatest scientists to show that science and evidence based policy can work across societal and religious boundaries. Join the pledge, and get YOUR MLA reading Mark Henderson's "The Geek Manifesto"!

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  • When you've added your name to the pledge, click the above link and put your name down against the MLA of your choice. Go on - be daring - choose someone you wouldn't normally vote for! It's for science - push your boundaries :-)
  • Or you can say here who your MLA is, and I can add you to the sheet:
  • First Westminster, then Cardiff, now Stormont! this is getting expensive :-)
    What the hell it's worth it if even a few of them read it.
    Good luck Shane.
    Some of the UK MPs actually seem to be enjoying theirs.
  • Thanks Dave, and welcome new signers! We have a way to go to meet our target, so please keep up the pressure (however slight). My impression is that we are pushing against an open door here - many NI MLAs are keen to support science & engineering as part of our economic recovery, but the NI scientifically-literate population can play a massive role.
  • Everyone, thanks so much for your support - our little list is growing! Up to 17 now, but I actually want 108...

    Please remember to add your name to the spreadsheet (or add a comment here and I can fix it for you):

    We need to know who is pledging to each MLA.

    And keep spreading the word - Northern Ireland's Geeks are rising.
  • Hi folks,
    Good to see a trickle continuing to come through. Any advice on how to get a flood? Any help in publicising the campaign would be gratefully received. Let's spread the word!
    Thanks for your commitment & continued interest.
  • Hi Shane, the only thing that worked for me was constant twitter nagging, and begging for RTs
    Here's a thought though, maybe you could email Westminster MPs, ask them if they like the book we sent them, and suggest that they sponsor a copy for their Ulster colleagues.
    You never know :-)
  • Hi folks,
    BIG BIG thanks to the latest people to join this humble pledge. It has almost got me thinking we could get it up to 108 and get a copy to each and every one! Good news is that the price is now £13.29 on Amazon (hardcover), and if we meet our target, I'm sure we'll be able to negotiate some sort of discount :-)

    Please do continue to spread the word - we still have a way to go.

    -Shane McKee
  • Greetings to everyone who has now joined the pledge - we're nearly there! Thanks for supporting this effort to get science into Northern Ireland policy.

    We only have 2 weeks to go, so we need a big push to carry this over the line. Please mention the pledge to your friends and family and contacts in industry, education, science etc.

    OK, so we set the bar at 50, but ideally I want to get all 108 MLAs on board - please add your name to the spreadsheet if you haven't done it yet, and if you want to get more than one copy, feel free! :-)

    Thanks again for supporting science!
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Current signatories (Green text = they've done it)

Shane McKee, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Mark Henderson
  • Philip Sittlington
  • James McGlew
  • Patrick McGrath
  • Rosemary McNicholl
  • Una Duffy
  • Clare McGrath
  • Chris Chambers
  • David McTernan
  • M Hughes
  • Nathan cantley
  • Kim Biddulph
  • Dave Watts
  • Kris Ballance
  • P e t e r Johnson
  • Connor Bamford
  • Jonathan Flowers
  • Emma Millar
  • David Jarrett
  • Jenny Muir
  • Patrick Keatley
  • David Carroll
  • Jason A Murdock
  • Robert Gillespie
  • PJ Floyd
  • Colin Morrison
  • Victoria Carson
  • Samuel Bell
  • Haydn Kissack
  • Wendy Cousins
  • Iris Vander Pluym
  • Joanne Johnston
  • Martin Toal
  • johnny hayes
  • Ed Lazda
  • greg jaskiewicz
  • Ian Robinson
  • C McGrugan
  • torie tennant
  • Alan Watson
  • Matt Johnston
  • Colin Masters
  • Derek Fairley
  • Christopher Rath
  • Rodger Duffin
  • Colm Walsh
  • Matthew Irvine
  • John Girvin
  • Gareth Fleming
  • Simon Hamilton
  • Vincent Heaney
  • 5 people who did not want to give their names, 2 of whom have done the pledge

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