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Pledge “fishoils”

"I will donate £10 to support Ben Goldacre's Freedom Of Information Act request to Durham Council, asking for data from the fish oil trials they carried out in schools with supplements supplied by Equazen but only if 75 other people will do the same, (if such monies are indeed required to pay for this FOI request)."

— Suw

Deadline to sign up by: 11th February 2007
87 people signed up (12 over target)

Country: United Kingdom
Place: Durham (view map)

More details
Ben Goldacre is trying to get a hold of the results of a 'study' into the usefulness of fish oils in helping children concentrate in schools in Durham. So far, Durham Council have been reluctant to share the results of the study they have publicised so heavily, and have said that the data Ben has requested would cost them £750 to produce. This pledge aims to bring together enough people to cover the cost of this FOI request, should other avenues of investigation fail.

It is not currently clear whether this money would be needed, but if enough people pledge their tenner, then I think that will make quite a statement that obfuscating data concerning trials carried out with school children is not acceptable.

You can read more about Ben's FOI request on his blog:

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  • You should also ask Durham for their detailed 'fees receipt' which by law they must supply. This will detail exactly how they came up with the £750 figure and you can then challenge their estimate.
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Suw, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • sam McGregor
  • Dafydd Jones
  • Douglas Young
  • Jacky Rodger
  • Sean Parslow
  • James Fenlon
  • william kellar
  • Jan Grothusen
  • Dave Ferris
  • Telsa Gwynne
  • Dave Foddy
  • Chris Long
  • Saki Hajnal
  • Adam Sandell
  • Stephen Rice
  • Carolyn Clarke
  • Robert PEDLEY
  • Trevor Mathers
  • Michael Godfrey HARMAN
  • Chris Quinn
  • Miriam Brod
  • Simon Cox
  • William M. Connolley
  • Matthew Baker
  • Tom Richards
  • Kevin Marks
  • Another Simon Cox
  • Christopher Penny
  • Sarah Woodall
  • John Wilkes
  • Andrew Haley
  • Selina Pearson
  • Tim Wright
  • Andy Lewis
  • Johnnie Shannon
  • Sander Smith
  • N. Dean Pentcheff
  • Dr B Hill
  • Mark Mitchell
  • Edward Bozzard
  • Duane Griffin
  • Ivan Horrocks
  • Owen Phelps
  • Andrea Hughes Clin.Psych.
  • Paul Hodgkin
  • Richard Hughes
  • Neil O'Brien
  • Rob Johnsom
  • Dr Ben North
  • Louise Ayling
  • Lucy Sherriff
  • Paul D'Ambra
  • Richie
  • Dr David Hunter
  • Tamsin Curry
  • Partha Lal
  • Zebadger
  • Paola Fanutza
  • Nigel Coe
  • Emily da Costa
  • Richard Green
  • Richard Thomas
  • David Johnson
  • Rob Bevan
  • Tom Coldron
  • Heather Brooke
  • Margaret Hung
  • Paul Johnson
  • Tristan O'Dwyer
  • James Freeman
  • Colin C. Venters
  • William Whyatt
  • Rachel Reeves
  • Jon Barnard
  • Michael Pritchard
  • Fearghas McKay
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