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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “fingerthecctv”

"I will wave my middle finger at every CCTV camera I walk past but only if 30 other central Londoners will do the same, every day."

— Tom Morris, philosophy student and London commuter

Deadline to sign up by: 2nd March 2006
21 people signed up, 9 more were needed

Country: United Kingdom
Place: London (view map)

More details
When at a central London train station recently, I counted that getting off the train, crossing the station, buying myself a newspaper and getting on to the Tube exposed me to being recorded by at least one hundred CCTV cameras. Being rather camera-shy (and concerned about civil liberties and 1984-ism), this concerned me somewhat. My whole day exposes me to somewhere along the lines of 500 CCTV cameras.

And so I propose that we make a silent and non-violent protest by Fingering The Cameras. If one is of the slightly less non-violent persuasion, one can do this simply by holding your middle finger up and pointing it straight at the camera. If one is aversed to gesticular swearing, one can also do something like hold a piece of paper, newspaper or plastic bag up towards the CCTV cameras - perhaps with some anti-CCTV slogan or logo or reference to Orwellianism etc. Let your imagination fly on that.

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  • George Galloway? Dude. You've got access in the BB House?
  • the only prob is that in london u'll end up having ur finger up in the air all the time... i'll join ur quest but its rather hard to accomplish in a city that even the bloody offlicence shop next to my place as a cctv outside....
    goncalo gouveia, 15 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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Tom Morris, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • tammy
  • Tom
  • Caroline
  • Sam Hayes
  • Nick Disleris-Beck
  • Edanur
  • goncalo gouveia
  • Charles Kennedy
  • Simon Hughes
  • Edward Cumming
  • mancunienne
  • Mikkel Storgaard Knudsen
  • Sally Weeks
  • Dick Cheney
  • Sir Arthur Grebe-Streebling
  • Ray Hewitt
  • Matthew Cuffe
  • George P
  • Freddie Peel
  • Leanne Millar
  • Guido Fawkes

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