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Pledge “filesharing”

"I will not vote for any party supporting disconnection of 'alleged' filesharers but only if 750 other people will do the same."

— David Harris, Lawful user of filesharing systems

Deadline to sign up by: 15th January 2009
17 people signed up, 733 more were needed

Country: United Kingdom

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The government, aided and abetted by the Tories, are proposing to use legislation to force ISPs to disconnect anyone accused of filesharing, on a "3 strikes and you're off" basis.

I say that the use of the Internet is so important to a modern technological life that it is almost a civic right. As such, disconnection should be subject to the need for compelling proof, demonstration that it is a proportionate response and a judicial decision.

Copyright content owners don't find the expense inconvenience and time needed for litigation convenient. They choose to use use their lobbying powers and 'party donations' to seek a change in legislation for their private benefit.

I say that if political parties behave in such a corrupt fashion that UK voters should retaliate with their vote.

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