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Pledge “fiesta”

"I will pledge 40 hours of volunteer service (+ a Ford Fiesta if Team Houston wins the Fiesta Movement) to Noah's Kitchen but only if 100 other Houstonians will pledge at least 3 hours of volunteer service to Noah's Kitchen."

— Amber + Mark, Team Houston | Fiesta Movement

Deadline to sign up by: 15th June 2010
23 people signed up, 77 more were needed

Country: United States
Place: Houston (view map)

More details
I am currently participating in the Ford Fiesta Movement and have the opportunity to win 2 Ford Fiestas as a prize. My teammate, Mark & I are 1 of 20 teams competing across the country to promote our city (Houston) and win 2 cars. We have made the personal decision that if we win, we will donate a Ford Fiesta to a local non-profit where it will be used as a service vehicle directly helping people within our community. We chose Noah's Kitchen because of their need, and their passion for the cause.

We understand there is a possibility we may not win a car, which is why we are dedicated to raising awareness about this organization and helping them rally a team of volunteers to support their mission.


Noah's Kitchen is a small non-profit "meals on wheels" type of organization providing meals to those in need. Noah's Kitchen mission is to provide the less fortunate with nourishment, nutritional education & assistance.

Learn more at:


What else can you do to help us win a car for Noah's Kitchen & show the country that Houston is the best?

1) Click FOLLOW THIS TEAM & enter your email address here:

2) RSVP & attend our team events:

3) Click and comment on our updates:

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Amber + Mark, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Samantha Worsham
  • kristen smith
  • Brian Truax
  • Craig Marshall
  • Amber Rodriguez
  • Mitsy Parton
  • Jenn Talmadge
  • jason middlebrooks
  • Shelley Reimert
  • Caroline C Morton
  • Tyagaraja
  • Shawn K. Quinn
  • Laura Fusilier
  • Jessica Gonzales
  • Christine Biehle
  • Emily Payette
  • Robb Zipp
  • Joel Luks
  • Jessica Merritt
  • jared maidenberg
  • Candace Kizer
  • Kristal Martinez
  • Michael Quigley

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