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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “enopledge”

"I will get three friends to sign up to the Proportional Representation Groundswell but only if 100 other people will pledge to sign up at least three of their friends too."

— Brian Eno, musician & theorist

Deadline to sign up by: 13th August 2005
155 people signed up (55 over target)

Country: United Kingdom

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I am a long standing supporter of proportional representation.

The campaign at is taking the fight for voting reform to a new level - making it local and giving people who want to help a real chance to be involved. Please, sign this pledge and help make a change that's been too long in coming.

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  • I pledge to persuade as many of my freinds to sign up as I can.
    Alexander Willan, 15 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • The website could do with a lot more information about the groundswell. At the moment, it looks more like a honeypot for a spammer.

    Dave McKee, 15 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Great start ... let's hope there's more of this kind of thing.
    Justin Kirby, 15 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Its a good pledge, sign me up.
    Damian, 15 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Dave M - have you looked at the blog linked to from the website's homepage ( )? It gives more information, as does the forum also linked to from the home page.
    Edith, 15 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I am not signing this pledge because it is too vague, specifying "Proportional Representation" as its objective. There are many forms of PR, some of which are less desirable than the current "First Past The Post" arrangement, in that they place even more power in the hands of the political party bosses.
    I support "Fair Votes", and specifically the system recommended by the Electoral Reform Society, Single Transferrable Vote in Multi-Member Constituencies. STVMMC results are not always exactly proportional as between Parties, but deliver a much better representation of the wishes of the electorate.
    Richard, 15 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Richard, FPTP is one of the worst systems we could have. Any PR system or even AV is better.

    Not a fan of STV, but it is infinitely better than FPTP.

    We could argue for ever over electoral systems BUT the main thing to point out is that FPTP is one of the worst! Out of interest my favourite in cellular constituencies (invented by the 'who should you vote for' website)

    First we have to unite behind change, any change! We should all sign this pledge, I will try to get as many friends on board as possible.
  • No. Just any change could be for the infinitely worse, e.g. a national closed party list system, like Israel.
    It's no use settling for second best, there will be no chance to make a further change for decades if we pick yet another bad system.
    STVMMC places the power securely where it should be - in the hands of the individual voter. Even serious independent candidates could be elected more often under that scheme.
    AV is not better than FPTP. It tends to produce less proportional results over all, and leaves the real power still with the party bosses. Jenkins had to find a fudged method of getting round that, and chose an additional member system, still based upon parties. Even then, Blair and his tribal party people wouldn't accept it.
    FPTP and AV are really also closed party list systems, where the list has only one name on it for each party.
    One of the beauties of STVMMC is that a tribal party member can still treat it like FPTP if they wish, and choose not to transfer their vote beyond their own candidates; but at the same time others can be more discriminating, so democracy is enhanced.
    Since the Irish Republic had STVMMC imposed on them at independence, I have heard that the political party hierarchies there have tried more than once to change it, but the canny electorate won't let them. We should learn from that.
    Richard, 15 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
    The second house, 'County House' should be fully elected by the Electorate not any other Body/Person, that is democracy. County Members elected should have been resident in that County for five years prior to being elected. To become a full Democracy the 'Head of State' should also be elected by the elctorate not by birthright.
    Bernard GREEN, 15 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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Brian Eno, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • John Wood
  • Will Howells
  • Simon Rumble
  • anno mitchell
  • David Kitchen
  • Robin Grant
  • Alex Butcher
  • lilly evans
  • Tom Geraghty
  • Andy Marchant
  • Graham Lally
  • David Erswell
  • Karen Varga
  • Lance
  • M.A. Qureshi
  • Kirsty Walker
  • Richard McKean
  • James Hardy
  • Rob Sharp
  • David Hart
  • Rachael Jack
  • Mattie Alston
  • Cait Hurley
  • Martin Martin
  • Tim Kirk
  • Ben Godfrey
  • Patrick Taylor
  • Dr Colin Walklin
  • Jane Leaper
  • Edith Gray
  • Andrew Homan
  • Alexander willan
  • mick angel
  • Robert Hamilton
  • Tim Sweetman
  • James Graham
  • Jamie Dobson
  • Shena Deuchars
  • Owen Blacker
  • Patrick Robertshaw
  • John Heathcote
  • David Jackson
  • Gavin Sallery
  • Stephen Dobinson
  • Graham Smith
  • Simon Radford
  • Scott Joyce
  • Rob Pinniger
  • Rachel Shaw
  • Jilly Hall
  • G Currier
  • ross milne
  • Simon Gray
  • Rob Christopher
  • Daniel Merriott
  • Kathryn Saville
  • Donald Walker
  • Susie Rice
  • Adam Dennis
  • Richard Harvey
  • Justin Kirby
  • Tom Davies
  • Simon Kirk
  • Sam Osborne
  • Ben Dyer
  • Damian Sefton
  • Matthew Joyce
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  • Rose Youd
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  • Lisa Ware
  • Richard Morrell
  • Kimon Daltas
  • Daniel Ingram
  • Stuart Anderson
  • Nicole Mathison
  • Richard Pope
  • Libby Raybould
  • David Gould
  • Joseph Redford
  • kevin brooks
  • Stuart Morgan
  • Katherine Marshall
  • Helen
  • Edwina Wood
  • Phill Gillespie
  • Jim Burge
  • Sean Daly
  • Colin Rosenstiel
  • Chris Marshall
  • Matt
  • Jule McPherson
  • Kenn Elder
  • Norman Fraser
  • Allan Heron
  • Stuart Callison
  • phil mackey
  • Bianca Roccelli
  • bee h
  • Nick Taylor
  • Paul Hemstock
  • Dug Stokes
  • Joe Blakey
  • Heidi Evans
  • Nick Cotter
  • tonypickett
  • Stephen Mitchell
  • Steve Bannister
  • Pete Revell
  • Anthony
  • Tom Ward
  • Duane Phillips
  • Adam Sargant
  • fiona young
  • Scott Renton
  • David Norrie
  • Jamie Collings
  • Sander van Kasteren
  • David Welsh
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  • Al
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  • damian
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