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Pledge “electionwatch07”

"I will dedicate 3rd May 2007 to observing local election pilots in my area to help protect the integrity of our elections and to independently verify any problems that occur with e-voting and e-counting systems but only if 2 or more people in my town or city will do the same."

Deadline to sign up by: 19th April 2007
29 people signed up, successful in 8 places

Country: United Kingdom

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Despite the well known problems with e-voting and e-counting the government is pressing ahead with pilots during May 2007 local elections.

To make sure that we get a true picture of how the pilots are run, we need people on the ground in every local authority where pilots will be held.

Electronic voting will be piloted in: Rushmoor, Sheffield, Shrewsbury & Atcham, South Bucks and Swindon.

Electronic counting will be piloted in: Bedford, Breckland, Dover, South Bucks, Stratford-on-Avon District Council and Warwick District Council

To learn more about the problems with e-voting, visit the Open Rights Group's e-voting pages

Pledge originally made by Jason Kitcat, e-voting campaign co-ordinator, ORG

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Succeeded on 28th March 2007


  • Tony Kennick
  • Phil Nicholls
  • Mat Booth
  • Simon Temple
  • Neil Holmes

Succeeded on 7th March 2007


  • Becky Hogge
  • Glyn Wintle
  • Dan Barrett
  • Marc Hankins
  • Martijn Dekkers
  • Stephen Bridges
  • Richard Cain

Succeeded on 8th March 2007


  • Anthony Quinn
  • Peter Barnwell
  • vivian lovering

Succeeded on 12th March 2007

Swindon, Swindon (near Wroughton, Draycot Foliat, Chisledon)

  • Chris Tappin
  • 1 person who did not want to give their name

Succeeded on 24th March 2007


  • Steven Murdoch
  • Richard Clayton
  • Chris Wilson


  • Calum Morrell

Succeeded on 10th April 2007


  • David Thomson
  • Jonathan Hogg

Succeeded on 5th April 2007

Denham (near Uxbridge, Harefield, Fulmer)

  • Louise Ferguson
  • Alistair Alexander


  • Duncan Souter

Succeeded on 5th April 2007


  • Chris Adams
  • Felix Cohen


  • Norman Gray

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