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Great idea! I am really pleased to see how many people support it! I guess, I can partially represent mentees here. My country in Eastern Europe is not developing, strictly speaking, but rather in transition. Please, keep in mind that:

1) computer technologies are not easily accessible to many people, especially in the rural areas, the prices are high and the Internet connection is not very good. That can be frustrating.

2) not many people speak fluent English, even though almost everybody studies English at school. If some of the mentors speak other languages, it would be nice to somehow let potential mentees know about that. If the language barrier is not going to be a problem, you could potentially reach broader auditory, not only those who studied, worked, lived abroad, or majored in English.

I have an online mentor myself, I think it's great to talk to a real person who is knowledgeable and friendly.

I am signing in because I could provide you with access to potential mentees, activists and concerned citizens, who have Internet access and speak English.

Good luck!
Olha, 14 years ago.

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