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Dear Lucy,

I would be able to tutor in mathematics and statistics up to undergraduate level (I do it as part of my work already) and could probably tutor scientific subjects (except for biology) up to A-level grade.

I would also be happy to tutor in English.

However, my work can make me very busy at times, so an email only scheme where I had a week to respond to queries would suit me best.

Could we arrange a central scheme of giving notes and problem sheets but then mark and tutor in these individually? I am happy to help a little in discussing and organising effective schemes, ideally for teaching of mathematics.

I will be happy to tutor by email for the forseeable future as long as I could find a workload to suit my diary. If that sounds good enough I would love to make a pledge.

Please get in touch,

Niall Cardin, 14 years ago.

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