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During May and November each year since 1994 the Tutor/Mentor Connection, based in Chicago, and on the Internet, has hosted conferences to draw leaders of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs together for networking, learning, collaboration, innovation. In 2004 we began hosting part of this conference on the internet so that people from around the world could participate without the cost of travling to a distant city. I encourage members of this network to look at the conference agenda and econference at http://www.tutormentorconference.bigstep... and consider participating.

I also encourage you to read the PPT essays at that illustrate ways programs and funders can collaborate to sustain the growth and constant improvement of programs that connect volunteers and youth in every big city in the world.

In the Program Locator section of the same site you'll see how GIS maps and interactive databases can be used to show where poverty is most concentrated in a big city, and where exising programs are located.

In my blog I write about why this is so important.
Daniel F. Bassill, 14 years ago.

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