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Nice idea!

For what to put up, I'd love a Buddhist text (which I will have to ponder) - BUT instead

I agree that it would be even better to have something restful than something thought-provoking.

A simple caption that explains what it is would be lovely - like 'This space bought and left blank to give you a rest from advertising'. I think there should be a link to the artnotads website added, so that people can pursue it if they are interested. If I saw such a slogan on a noticeboard, I would be so happy, and want to know how to help and join in!

Simplicity would be even better than art (even though this is part of the stated aim of the site). To oppose excessive advertising is an even more important aim than putting something else interesting in its place.

Finally, to all those people who want to oppose this idea, I think you'll agree that it's not something that in itself will harm you or your aims, so it might be that much more productive to go and find a motion you do support, and get involved with that.

Love to all.... (hippy-style - so what??)
Bethany Lowe, 15 years ago.

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