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Subjective thoughts -
"I will pay £10 into a fund that aims to fill a public advertising space with something thought-provoking."
That's it for me - all I really care about. Some ads are ok, some are less interesting. I don't want to try and stop all advertising.
I would rather debate what should fill it, people seem to have seemingly different, (but probably actually very similar) motivations for doing this - but the outcome will be the same - "fill a public advertising space with something thought-provoking".
I would like to say that I agree with Anna - that there should be no logo.
As Austin says "the point of what's being done here is *not* to spread awareness of a "campaign".
And I liked brother Jules's idea that people should be puzzled by it.
And I liked the idea that there was enough in it to make repeat viewings interesting.
However my initial dislike of tube adverts was that they 'demanded' attention with words – I can’t help but read them – so I hoped that we could have no words at all – much more soothing. In the same way that at art galleries you have to be careful not to spend more time reading the blurb than looking at the painting. Lets just allow people to rest their eyes – so perhaps not too puzzling- just beautiful. NO MESSAGE.
Or we make them laugh - also very nice.
And why don't we just have it at a major station - and use the extra grand saved to pay for printing - or perhaps have a few extra posters on the way out.

Happy Christmas
Ollie, 15 years ago.

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