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Cheers Austin and also cheers Oli for sounding much more reasonable. Much appreciated.

Austin thanks for answering my specific questions. I have a few counter ones:

Why does it particularly matter how the London Underground Poetry on the Underground series is funded? Although this may help: "The Tube display is generously funded by London Underground; the programme receives additional support from London Arts and the British Council, with support for Young Poets on the Underground from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation."

Also as you both agree that not ALL advertising is abhorrent, how do you know that the public space you propose buying would be used for "intrusive advertising" if you did not buy it?

And how do you define "intrusive advertising" anyway?

Have you ever seen what the walls of the London Underground looked like in the Edwarian era? I was shocked to see that they were simply COVERED in ads, (I will try to find a photo) far, far more than we see at the moment and so much so, that the London Underground had to develop its logo/roundel into the station name, so the station name would actually stand out from the ads. We've actually come on a long way since the Edwardian days!!!
Annie - London Underground Blog, 15 years ago.

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