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Annie, to answer the other excellent questions which you raise:

One obvious way the ANA anti-ad would be easily distinguishable from the others you mention is that it wouldn't have a corporate sponsorship logo on it! It's clear that the best way of spreading the word, if we manage to get a poster in place, would be to mention the organisation's URL. However, as I mention elsewhere, the point of what's being done here is *not* to spread awareness of a "campaign". Spreading awareness is the point of this pledge. The point of the poster itself would be to reclaim public space that would be used for intrusive advertising. And any money spent on that would not be wasted, with or without mention of ANA.

I don't think anybody here is explicitly dismissing *all* advertising. It's tempting to go down that road, but that's a separate discussion.

The donation of advertising space to charities and artistic organisations who couldn't otherwise afford does, on the face of it, seem altruistic. But another way of looking at it is that they are priced out of the market by corporate advertisers. The ad space is donated not out of a warm, fuzzy corporate urge to benefit the public, but as handy PR (probably with tax incentives).

The "Poetry on the Underground" campaign is great, and very similar to what ANA aims to achieve. So far they haven't responded to questions about how they are funded, which would be interesting to find out.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions. Keep them coming! And thanks to everyone for their comments.
Austin Plunkett, 15 years ago.

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