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Okay, let's all take a deep breath, and start from the top with a couple of quick reminders:

ArtNotAds is newly formed, and although the agenda isn't 100% settled yet, the first paragraph on the website states that "we are dedicated to the removal of intrusive advertising from public spaces, and its replacement with more thought-provoking media".

Whether anyone here believes that *all* advertising is abhorrent or not isn't the issue. The operative words here, in regard to Annie's questions, are "intrusive" and "public spaces". People who have signed up to this pledge are sick of the enormous amount of advertising they are subjected to. The real issue is that there is no option: how can anyone opt-out of viewing the several hundred advertisements they see daily? Who decreed that our public space should be portioned according to potential revenue, and sold off to the highest bidder?

This pledge has been started to see if we can make a difference. It's as simple as that.

There is a far more detailed discussion that answers all these issues, at

I'm in the process of installing some blogging software, and enabling comments. Once I've got some technical issues out of the way, I hope this lively discussion will carry on over at

As for the question about "raising awareness for our campaign", it's a tricky one. The initial plan was indeed to place "" at the foot of the poster. This will probably be necessary for the first anti-ad, but of course this decision could change, depending on people's views. So keep the comments and suggestions coming!

However, the related question about why we're doing this is nothing to do with promotion or raising awareness. It's to do with reclaiming public space. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see an advertising hording filled with an image or text that had been selected by concensus, was inspirational and thought-provoking, and didn't try to sell you something?? Well... let's make it happen.

And above all - tell everyone you know! It would be great if we could get to 70 people by Christmas.
Austin Plunkett, 15 years ago.

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