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As usual Oli hasn't read my comments and has just jumped in by assuming that I am being negative. Oli, I also strongly resent that you have lumped me into the same category as Jon (even though many of Jon's comments make sense I would not make them in such a confrontational way). Oli, I also resent that you are saying I have no imagination, you do not know me, you have not looked at my site, you do not know what I do for a living. You are being as presumptive as some of the advertisers you hate so much.

Ignoring Oli, and addressing the rest of this group, I will now get back to what I was trying to say. I'm actually trying to help you as a group, because at the moment many of your ideas although laudable as I have said before, are showing a degree of naiviety and are in some respects are laughable. I am questioning the point of this exercise if it is not to raise awareness for your campaign.

So I will ask my questions again and hope that someone who actually reads my comments will answer.

If it's not to raise awareness, what is it for?

Do you really believe that ALL advertising is abhorrent?

Have you not seen the Poetry on the Underground Campagin which has been around for years and years?
Annie - London Underground Blog, 15 years ago.

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