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What is the point of doing this then if you are not going to mention ArtNotAds? How on earth will this be distinguished from the vast amount of other arts advertsing there is on the London Underground - eg Barbican ads, ENO ads, Tate Modern ads, National Gallery ads, etc etc.

You are writing off ALL advertising which seems simply bizarre to me. Are arts organisation ads all rubbish? do you really believe that ALL advertising is abhorrent? What about charities who have absolutely enormous campaigns on the London Underground - many of these are actually given away to charities if there is spare inventory (I know this as I used to work for a charity and am also on the Board of Directors for an arts organisation that has charitable status)

You say you want to put poetry on the Underground - have you not seen the Poetry on the Underground Campagin which has been around for years and years?

If you don't put a sign off on your ads, there's simply no point whatsover in doing it and you will be wasting your money.
Annie - London Underground Blog, 15 years ago.

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