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I don't work for the advertising industry and never have. I have no connection with them whatsoever and never have.

"your arguments relating to how great Advertising is shows a deep lack of ambition for the human condition!"

Yes. That is true. I think human beings to be lazy, greedy and wilfully ignorant. This will not improve.

I don't consider advertising to be great, but I don't see it as the demon that people are suggesting it is on here. It's an evil that has crept insidiously into our lives and managed to infiltrate so many areas of life that it's impossible to imagine life without it. It may even be impossible to withdraw it from certain aspects of society.

On the Tube (which is what we are concerned with here, initially) fares are at their current level because of the "subsidy" of advertising revenue. If advertising was to be removed from the Tube, fares would have to rise to cover the shortfall, or the government would have to raise taxes to provide subsidy.

Like it or not, advertising has crept into almost all public spaces. In doing so, it has reduced the costs of these services. This doesn't necessarily mean that the citizen pays leass for these services, but that the funding structure has been altered by the influx of these things.

Let's look at something simple. Football is a corporate whore. The league is sponsored, the clubs are sponsored, the inidividual players have endorsment contracts.

The pampered players of today are paid huge salaries. The ticket sales at the gates of the ground are no longer enough to cover these wages. The club earns a massive amount from on-pitch advertsing, sponsorship on the uniforms and the television rights.

If you remove these advertising and television revenue sources, then there are only two options when it comes to paying the wage bill. You can increase the revenue from tickets or you can pay the players less.

Increasing the revenue from the tickets means increasing the price of the ticket. The stadium has a fixed capacity, so it's hard to increase the number of tickets sold.

Paying the players less will ensure their departure to other clubs that do pay the daft sums that they like to earn. Consequently, the team will not win as many matches, support will dwindle and the club will hit bankrupcy.

In football, advertising keeps the game affordable to watch. I'm not suggesting that they do this because they are great benefactors. The influx of ad money helped to create the problem it now solves. But the clubs are now utterly dependent on the ad money. The only way to change this situation is to remove all advertising money from every club worldwide at the same instant. That won't be happening.

The Tube is the same.

Anyway, enough from me. I'll be back next year to see the progress.

Kindest regards,

Jon. Justice

PS Martin, I don't see how you can know that the denizens of this site AREN'T hippies.
Jon. Justice, 15 years ago.

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