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"Instead it becomes about putting people in front of ads." No, really it doesn't. The Tube system is designed to get people around the system and on and off it as efficiently as possible. I don't see where this has been compromised by advertising at all. Perhaps you can cite some examples.

Point (b) - I passed through seven Tube stations this evening. None of them had any unoccupied space, nor any out of date adverts. Of course, that's just "off the top of my head."

No advertising spaces are ever run at 100 percent occupation. Nor should they be. Advertisers places adverts in relevant places. You might notice the higher preponderence of ads for electrical goods in Tottenham Court Road station for example. So Chalk Farm station is lacking a couple of posters; so what? Even if a poster is out of date, it still promotes the brand. The fact that you notice these things shows that the adverts work. To wit, you look at them so their purpose is achieved.

"Please see the full discussion at" Yes, but it's not terribly good is it? The arguments aren't very cogent.

Advertising is a fact of life and will continue to be. It has pervaded almost every area of daily life and will only get worse. In my industry, we're already talking about adverts that will be visible in the corner of the screen during television programmes, rather than having ad breaks.

To answer Martin Wood:
"So, for all the people who think it wont work or would be badly implemented, do you have any better suggestions?" Yes. But I'm not opposed to the advertising in the first place.

"Im also interested to know how exactly would the advertising agencies go about 'shoving out' ?"

Dring, dring.
Hello, is that the Tube advertising booker? Good, well I represent Hugeco advertising. You remember us? We're the guys who spend several million with you each year. We've noticed that you're carrying posters disparaging the concept of advertising on the Tube and we don't like it - it's counter-productive to what we're doing. So either we move to other mediums or you remove these. Oh, what? You'll tear them down immediately? Thought so. Bye.

That's how.

Obviously, I included the word "hippy" as a goad. I see it worked. But am I wrong? What do you call a group of anti-consumerists with (I'll bet) a higher than average number of body piercings?

Pigeon-holing works because it's accurate and everyone does want to watch X-Factor. You may not like this, but it's true.

Well, I wish you the best of luck with this, I really do. I'll check back next year to see if you managed to get it together. In the unlikely event that you succeed, advertising will continue apace and switch to an even more pervasive medium.

"But let's not dwell on the Tube, it's just a starting point, and this could grow into much more."

No it won't. I'll bet money on it.
Jon. Justice, 15 years ago.

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