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Austin, Trevor and Oli's arguments are somewhat fallacious.

The Tube system is paid for primarily through ticket sales. Advertising revenues help to pay for the costs of the system allowing for a slightly reduced ticket price.

I apologise for this large quotation, but it is necessary.

"Also, if advertising was truly responsible for significant subsidies of passenger fares, then we'd have some serious concerns: (a) the service would be entirely at the mercy of the advertisers, which is exactly the issue that seeks to address; and (b) the large number of "out of date" ads clearly shows LU or Viacom are failing to create the maximum subsidy possible. If fares were really as volatile as suggested here, this would surely be one of the first actions they'd take."

The first point, (a), is a nonsense. Advertising revenue does count for a significant part of Tube revenues, but it is a fairly constant market. Demand does not vary hugely from year to year.
As Tube budgets and revenues are calculated yearly, then small fluctuations tend to even out. It does not leave the service at the mercy of the advertisers, as they are other sources of income. If the advertising revenues started to dip in a long-term manner, then a strategy would be eveolved to fill the gap.

Point (b) concerning out of date adverts is also a nonsense. You've maybe seen a few ads in this condition. They will largely be the A4 variety. A few ads in a few stations (there are 275) will hardly impact advertising revenues at all. You're talking about less then one percentile I would imagine.

Yeah, this project is fairly laudable.
So far 35 people have pledged. I'm quite sure that at least half of then will renege on their pledge. You need 350. There's not much chance of that.

If you do manage, despite the odds, to secure the money, I'll bet you won't be able to do it again.

If by some chance you do manage to secure enough support to do this on a regular basis, then you'll be forced off the market. Advertising companies provide huge amounts of repeat business. Their 3,500 is worth more than your 3,500 because they'll do it a thousand times and you'll only do it a few times. Repeat business is more sought after. If the advertising companies don't like what you do, it'll be you that gets shoved out.

We haven't even covered the concept of what will go on the billboard. Do the pledgees get a chance to decide or is it just you?

Annie and Mex have got it right. Your sentiment is laudable, but not your implementation, hippy.
Jon. Justice, 15 years ago.

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