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Luke's suggestion (as below) I think is the best yet. Let's not try and be fake-cool (that's been wrung dry - and '...intentionally blank' doesn't say why or by whom) but just explain what it was that happened and why.

So: "350 people paid a tenner so there'd be no advert in this space"
plus the website address for here so peops can read up on the thoughts we'd been having (and join in if they want to) would do the job nicely. It's little, and amateurish, but that's what's charming about it: it shows the potential that little actions like these can have.

Are we gonna do it or wot??



"this space left intentionally blank"
is cool, but in real life where adverts use EVERY tactic to stand out, I think that will not neccessarily be confused with an actual advert, but also ...just, not be as meaningful as it could be.

Could we gety away with:

"350 people paid a tenner so there'd be no advert in this space"

that would stick in my mind all day
Bethany, 14 years ago.

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