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I do appreciate where you are coming from Alan and may I say it is not about people's views that matter in such issues, it is facts and reality. Hang on here, the Danish Embassy - are you aware of the fact that it is not only in England that these incidents have taken place? For your own information, the whole Danish problem started in Islamic countries, and in no way is it a reflection of Muslim people fighting with those countries. It is not for me to judge anyone - but I think you need to understand more of what is happening and why rather than coming to such a view.

As I said, my view does not matter at all, but if someone is going to contribute to an issue that is as serious as ID cards, surely one should do some homework first rather than just going by what someone else is saying. As far as I am concerned, through experience here, hate breeds hate, terrorism breeds terrorism. As someone who knows the consequences of ID cards, I know for a fact that they will in no where stop terrorism. The only way we in the UK and the world over can stop terrrorism is if we stop terrorising other people in their own countries. We in the 'civilised countries' are very good at this, either by sending our own soldiers to do the job for the government or imposing a dictator and arming that dictator against the people's wishes so as to keep control of those countries for the sole purpose of milking their resources.

Finally, I am not critical of you as a person, but I am critical of your unfounded allegations against other people and your supposition that ID cards will resolve the problem. If you took your time to find out more of why we have these problems of immigration, torching the Danish embassy, terrorism and the like, you will be more understanding of the way we can resolve these problems.
florence durrant, 14 years ago.

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