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ROGER Wrote: "the fear of being caught is the biggest factor in crime prevention an ID cards would help crime detection no end therefore helping to reduce crime. simple arguement, simple maths, ok longterm solution, but I never said it would happen over night."

If you think that ID cards are a deterent for people who are criminals and fear getting caught, think again.

look at all the draconian measures that have been introduced on britain's roads over the last 20 years, yet 1 in 10 cars is still on the road illegally, technically speaking, mine included, but i am not afraid of being caught even by the new ANPR technolgoy because I know that there are that many people who are sick to death with paying out hand over fist that many millions are breaking the law. Because of this, I know that even if the system flags up my number plate, it cannot cope if I just say get stuffed, I am not paying the tax and I am not paying the fine, there are no prison places left because of all your rediculous draconian legislation so; what are you going to do about it?

You see that even with photo driving licences, numerous changes to the V5 and speed cameras to name but a few, criminals like me just do not give a toss and carry on regardless.

I don't want an ID card, but I am certainly not scared of them and they will not make me change my ways, why should they?

If they start using facial recognition in the CCTV systems then the only thing that will happen is the sale of hoodies, hats and scarves will go through the roof.
Jake Long, 14 years ago.

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