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If you think about how much we have (clean water, food, shelter) and how many people in the world don't even have these basics, it makes you reconsider how much money you really 'need'. I'm aiming to give 10% of my income as I already give 1%.
Obviously not everyone can do this - some people in this country only earn minimum wage, have dependents to support or have large debts because they went to university. I would encourage everyone to think about giving as much as they can afford.

I think many charities are effective - but we musnt let this obscure the need for real change from Governments, businesses and ourselves.

Giving money can sometimes help soothe our consciences - but changing our lifestyles can actually be more effective - this not only supports good causes directly, but also sends a political message to businesses and governments that we want a more ethical society and economy.

For instance, think about buying ethical products such as Fairtrade, recycled goods, organics and locally-sourced fruit and veg.

But it's hard to make big changes all at once - so maybe people making this pledge and other pledges should consider this as just one step in a journey - and pledge to do more in the future
H, 15 years ago.

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