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I am really trying.
I hope other artists in my community will get together and create a cooperative non-threatening community wherein artists are treated with respect.


Nous cherchons toujours des benevoles pour traductions et services d'informations.

On September 21, 2014 we held our first meeting, inviting people to cooperate to build an arts-friendly community along the south shore of Baie Chaleur Bay.

Please note that we are not adopting the term Acadie-Bathurst, the reason being that this is the name given to a political riding and our organization is about art and not politics.

Our communities from downshore to Bathurst through Beresford and Petit Rocher and all along the upshore area to Dalhousie and on into the Northern Shore of the Gaspe coast Quebec have the Chaleur Bay in common. It seems to make sense to acknowledge our coastal location and promote our image as Baie Chaleur Bay artists.

Our particular focus at this time is the south shore of Baie Chaleur Bay.
We have adopted the metaphor of a garden to use as the motif around which to build our arts-friendly community. And because we are in the beginning stages of envisioning this garden, we have begun sowing seeds now along Baie Chaleur Bay, hoping that by Spring our garden will have begun to blossom.

Thus the name:Spring Garden of Artists
Location:Chaleur Region
Time:May 2015

Why not meet around your own kitchen table with a few family-members, friends, or neighbours and talk about an art-project you might like to see or work on in the Chaleur Area Spring Garden of Artists Festival, May, 2015.

There will be no charge to artists and we expect no commissions or fees. The idea is to nurture a community-help-artist-help-artist feeling. This is, after all, about art and not competition.
Maggie, 5 years ago.

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