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The government have the power to do anything they want, hide anything they want and otherwise keep us misinformed by lies or half-truths, depending on their agendas, at any time they choose and for whatever reasons they choose. This is bigger than all of us peons.

IF the conspiracies are true, there are lots of messed up higher powers in this, the beginning of the New World Order, or as even stated in one of your transcripts the 'Great Game'. They know what is happening and they know a majority of us dont, thats the way they like it.
This whole thing with Iran, IRAN KNOWS, they know about the zionists, and about true Jewish intentions and the US helping, then respectively, backstabbing everyone it thinks not viable for its own benefit. Its a shame we are gang-banging them, and a great shame that there is so much hidden repression hidden beneath the surface of our supposed morally 'good' allies that extremism and terrorism is the only voice they have, its a dreadful shame that we will never, ever be told thr truth.
There is only one thing that can be done.. not give sh*t and have a good life, regardless. Stop moaning, do all the things you ever wanted to do, and let the human condition take our planet into the darkness as it will undoubtedly.

Peace out.. and remember the mantra 'F*ck em all!'

disorder, 14 years ago.

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