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I may be missing something but I only have a year of pathology at university to call on (and that is a few years old and fading anyway!), perhaps someone who is an expert can clarify it: if the strain of bird flu present at the moment is not transmissable between humans, mutations will be needed for that to occur. So the real threat is from an as-yet unknown virus, which will need to have a specific anti-virus developed. Therefore stockpiling an existing anti-virus that is unlikley to work seems like a waste of time and money, and irresponsible. If this mutation does occur (and remember that this strain of bird flu has been present in the far east since about 1997 without this happening), then it is important to manufacture as much of the anti-virus as possible - but we're not there yet!

The scientific facts seem have been badly reported amongst the scare-mongering - does anyone have a more informed view?
confused, 15 years ago.

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