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Dear People,

Jack Straw MP and his ROBBERS in HOODIES should be arrested by the Police for FRAUD and TREASON against the UK People:

Exclusive By CRAIG WOODHOUSE on 24th February 2013
M’luds' luxury £18k breaks ‘to chat about law’ are paid by taxpayer

Rt Con Jack Straw MP is the Godfather of the Judicial Mafia in the UK, and MUST be brought to justice immediately via a Citizens Arrest, as the Police in the UK are abusing TAXPAYERS’ money, public office and their Oaths to uphold the law, as they are protecting lawbreakers like Jack Straw and HIS Judicial colluding CRIMINALS robbing We the People of our HOMES and POSSESSIONS in THEIR Kangaroo Courts.

How can Jack Straw and his Gang of HOODIES chat about law, when they are demonstrating every day in the Royal Courts of In-Justice that they know nothing whatsoever about the Law of the LAND, and the Peoples’ guaranteed rights to a Trial by Jury? I rest my case in Magna Carta - Article 39.

The law is the law is the law – And ‘Lords’ in HOODIES will NOT change that. The titles and regalia alone tell its own story; does it NOT? How could anyone expect justice from under such ritualistic attire? In reality, they are ritualistic MONSTERS and We the People are being SACRIFICED every day, up and down the UK on the altars’ of THEIR Kangaroo Courts.

People, wake up please and sign my Pledge, and remember, you could be THEIR next SACRIFICE if YOU do nothing to restore Trial by Jury - Courts' of Law in the UK.

Thanks very much for signing, much appreciated.

Yours truthfully,

Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer.
Patrick Cullinane, 7 years ago.

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