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Evil enamates everywhere and we should all do what we can to combat it. Blaming the Queen and handpicked lackeys though is to blame the wrong people. The criminals who are drug dealers, child abusers, horsemeat beef burger corrupters have infiltrated govt agencies to such an extent and the govt are doing what they can to restore EVERYTHING. Only recently they have been stating that nurse Julie Bailey was tortured for speaking out about abuse in the health service. You were robbed of your money by the same people, patrick, the infiltrators, who would like to take over govt. Yes, they are in the courts as well as everywhere else. What govt. can RESTORE IS ANOTHER MATTER, we can only hope. You have a good man supporting you with it in John Hemmings. I remember in his blog he said these same people were intimidating him.
linda drew, 7 years ago.

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