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scott cochrane you are one racist bastard. you are living in a ethinic minority country where you are practically surrounded by muslims and theres nothing you can do bout it. Muslims will stay put here for as long as they want. its freedom of speech. Just because one stupid fool like you says lets kick muslims out, its not going to happen because the government wont allow. the economy will go down and ur silly country will go in to recession..and etc. so basically i would say muslims are the foundation of it all. i am sure that in your workplace somewhere there is a muslim person there who has a higher position than you. and if they were to leave the country then you may even lose you job depending on what position they were in. so i suggest you think carefully before you say something next time. anyway back to the actual pledge, i never have been to bk n my life because i prefer mcdonalds. This person is right to boycott Bk if it is offending his religion.
jo, 13 years ago.

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