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Another good reason to boycote them I saw this online.
Kid gets hit by car, wants ice from Burger King,
they charge him $1.04

News Type: Event — Seeded on Thu Aug 24, 2006 3:47AM

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odd-news, car, ice, charge, burger-king, hit, misers
Seeded by Ansab

John Michael Jasset staggered into the restaurant
about 5 pm last Thursday after being hit by a car.
He was thrown from his bike and also scraped his
knee, arms and hands, his mother, Cheryl Jasset,
said “But when he asked for some ice to put on his
ankle,he was told he had to pay for it”.
This is going to cost your branches throughout the world a lot more, I for one will never enter one of your shops again, I hope you feel really proud, it is the most disgusting lack of care I have ever heard of.
Eric Heyward, 13 years ago.

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