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This is all a bit silly.

A postcode is not a point location anyway, it is an area and unless you were to plot the coordinates of each of the vertices, the "free" version is unlikely to match the "official" one. Also the mapping that you would want to plot locations on, has to be licensed (ie paid for) as well (by somebody even if its not you).

Google and Multimap (who presumably pay a good deal of money to UK Plc for the privilege) already provide facilities for you to plot postcode locations on maps.

The real beneficiaries of making the postcode data "public domain" would be commercial organisations who can well afford to pay for it - and the losers would be ordinary taxpayers because creating and maintaining a database like this costs money.

Perhaps while you are collecting your data (which doesn't seem to be coming on that well by the way) you could knock on all the doors and ask who lives there. Then we would be able to create an alternative census and electoral roll as well to save the government all the bother.

Mark, 13 years ago.

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