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Yes. UK Postcodes are not public domain.

It would be nice if postcodes were free like in the US, but bootlegging them does not make them free. It just avoids paying for their use.

In the US, it was agreed at some point that non-sensitive data produced by Government agencies would be available to all US citizens. Further, because that is difficult to police, data is available to the entire world. This is why things like the CIA Factbook and the NASA image library are public domain.

The UK is not the US.

A more worthwhile way of achieving the stated goal would be to establish a database of public venues and their Long & Lat positions. Indeed, many open-air venues don't actually have a postcode anyway.

Alternatively, you could try and lobby the Government to make Royal Mail postcodes - and the entire complex system - public domain.
Paul Gregory, 14 years ago.

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