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I love you guys, nearly 50 signs on one day!

Now Pen Stroke wrote me an email that S2-canon Past Sins would only be written after S2 ended (obviously) and that would need some time as well.

"The one issue is that, by my count, Season 2 won't end until the end of April if HUB keeps airing on episode a week, and your pledge drive ends on March 31st. I think it would make the most sense if you extended that deadline to, say, the end of May perhaps.The reason for this is that will also give Batty and I time to make the adjustments we need to the story for Season 2 cannon once the entirety of Season 2 has been released.

So, yeah, you may want to consider moving the deadline to pledge back a little. Just in case." - Pen Stroke.

Anyways, we should clarify the design, cover and print so that we can have our copies as fast as possible after the rewrite is released.
Profpatsch, 8 years ago.

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