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Tom Bryant has a point, although it comes as no surprise. Organising atheists is akin to herding cats, due to their propensity for thinking for themselves.

Theists, on the other hand, are quite the opposite. They are very easy to mould, muster and arrange - hence the collective noun - 'flock'. They seem to require someone, or something, to tell them what to do, and to follow it with little or no question. Compliance and malleability seem to be necessary components of the religious.

However, I'd be interested to see any evidence for these 'studies' about comparative charitable giving between atheists and theists. A quick search produced nothing to support this claim, although it did show that two of the largest charitable donations in history have come from atheists: Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who between them, have stumped up ~$40 billion. Not too shoddy. Perhaps Tom simply has 'faith' that his claim is true? Evidence, of course, has always been optional for the religious....
David, 11 years ago.

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