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The power requested by Michael McCarthy "to requisition binding referenda" is interesting, but I would argue that it is attacking the fundamental problem from the wrong direction.

I take the view that it is for Parliament to ask the public to grant it such powers as it considers it needs to function. When it makes this request of the public we can then have a debate about what checks and balances we require in return, including questions such as whether we require the ability to requisition binding referenda.

Meanwhile I am still seeking anyone who can show me a definitive statement by Parliament of what powers / rights it considers it has, and why it considers it has them. Even if Parliament considers that it has absolute powers, it should be prepared to state this opinion, and give its reasons. If it cannot or will not produce a coherent argument in public, is it unreasonable to conclude that there is no coherent argument for Parliament having any powers?
Anthony Crackett, 13 years ago.

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