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I can't be with you on the solidarity demo in London, because I live in Canada, but as an expatriate Brit I thoroughly approve of your ideals. In my view, terrorism has three vital ingredients (per Conor Gearty, 1991): political motivation, victims chosen at random, and lots of media attention. If we could just slow down the media attention, the whole thing would be pointless for the terrorists. Sure, let's have news, but let's keep it to facts, not speculation, and certainly not endless coverage. Let's cut back on coverage from the CNN, BBC, CTV and all the others who give these thugs their platform for violence. No religion is at the base of this: just politicians seeking power, like all politicians do, including (but not limited to) Messrs Bush and Blair. Take away their limelight, and they, and the terrorists, would stop acting like schoolyard bullies.

My love goes with you.
henry, 16 years ago.

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